What You Should Know

Gaps in your care

Having steady and consistent treatment for your injuries is VERY important for both your recovery and for documentation of your injuries. Many times people get hurt, maybe go to the hospital once but never follow up with treatment or therapy, “hoping the pain will just go away”. Maybe you go to your family doctor once, get some medication and again “hope the pain will just go away”.

Well, how long do you hope the pain will just go away, before you decide to do something about it? The longer you wait, the slower the recovery process and the harder to document that your pain is really due to your accident.

Think about this:

If you are hungry you eat – Right
If you are thirsty you drink – Right
If you are really hurt – You get treated for your injuries until you have reached Maximum Therapeutic Benefit..

Why suffer from neck pain, headaches
and arthritis pain?
Recent clinical studies have shown that loss of neck curve has been linked to chronic headaches and neck pain. Our therapy is a proven and tested chiropractic health care methods used to stretch and strengthen the connective tissues of the neck back to its natural curve. Our therapy is, cost effective and has been shown to effectively restore the neck curve in pre/post x-ray studies. Further, it may be covered by your insurance.