Auto Accident Treatment for Whiplash Related Injuries in Akron Ohio.

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Welcome to the Akron Chiropractors website. Your first visit to the Accident Injury Center of Akron, will be a surprisingly pleasant experience. We offer a complimentary, no cost consultation and spinal health screening to determine if chiropractic is the best choice for your condition. If you or someone you know is either suffering or would like to experience wellness healthcare please call us for a free, no risk - no obligation consultation and spinal health screening.

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Treatments for Auto Accident Whiplash Related Injuries, Akron Ohio.

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Dr. Michael Faber Chiropractic Physician

Recent clinical studies have shown that loss of neck curve has
been linked to chronic headaches and neck pain. Our
therapy is a proven and tested chiropractic health care
methods used to stretch and strengthen the connective
tissues of the neck back to its natural curve.


We Treatment Auto Accident Whiplash Related Injuries, Akron Ohio.

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Gaps in your care

The longer you wait, the
slower the recovery process and the harder to document
that your pain is really due to your accident.
Think about this:
If you are hungry you eat – Right
If you are thirsty you drink – Right
If you are really hurt – You get treated for your injuries until
you have reached Maximum Therapeutic Benefit..

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